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Drafting a will might seem like simple task, but there are many “red flag” issues that a non-specialist could easily overlook. “The law is changing so rapidly and is so complex that you need legal expertise,” says Charles.

Today, more than 50% of his practice is estates law, so he knows the field and has become an expert in his field. He regularly attends conferences and seminars to keep that knowledge up to date. Thanks to a network of specialists, he can help you address particularly complex tax issues or cross-border questions.

“A will is the most important document you can have. It deals with your property, your assets, and how they are going to be passed on to your loved ones.” Charles B. Ticker
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Clients should consult a specialist to draft a will. Many people decide to draft their wills on their own using a “will kit”. “That’s a false economy”, Charles says. Wills that are not created by a lawyer are constantly being challenged and dragged through the Courts. “They might have saved a few hundred dollars on the will, but now it is costing their estate thousands of dollars in the fight,” he explains.

Charles also has extensive litigation experience to handle estate disputes, and he has appeared at all levels of Ontario trial courts and the Court of Appeal