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Charles has pulled together a network of experts that includes tax experts and American lawyers to handle complex tax issues or cross-border questions.

For example, when a client recently consulted him about estate planning, Ticker flagged the fact that the client had a child living in the United States. He arranged a meeting with a U.S. attorney who set up a special trust fund, saving the estate hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes down the road. “The client was thrilled,” he says.

“I see myself as the quarterback who gets the team together.” Charles B. Ticker
Wills and Estates Lawyer – Charles B. Ticker Law Office

He also believes in working with your accountant, financial planner, and insurance agent whenever it’s appropriate. “We’ll work as a team to come up with the best estate plan for the client,” he says.

Charles is a member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners – a leading international organization for senior trust and estate professionals. He regularly speaks to groups about estate planning and has published an estate law newsletter.