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Keep Your Employer Honest

Many of the world's most successful companies recognize the benefit of an employee incentives program. They help attract large numbers of the best possible candidates for a given position and boost morale by rewarding existing employees for a job well done. Unfortunately, in some cases, companies use these programs as a means to take advantage of employees and don't meet their end of the bargain by failing to fulfill the promises made in their original incentives proposal. Because this can deprive you of valuable compensation and can result in quite the opposite of the original intended effect - lowering your morale and breeding animosity towards your employers - you will require an experienced, knowledgeable employment law shop to keep your employer honest and make sure you receive the incentives you were promised.

How Do Employment Incentives Work?

More than 75 percent of Canadian companies use some form of an incentive program to help improve the performances of staff members, business partners, and vendors. Recent studies have linked employee engagement to profitability, which means more and more companies are discovering the benefits of reward and recognition programs.

Incentives are also increasingly viewed as a vital management tool, with reward programs being utilized for companies to motivate their workers. They are effective as a means of clearly establishing objectives and increasing engagement levels within their organizational structure. Employees who are highly engaged are also more likely to be more productive, innovative, and provide superior customer service than staff without the incentives.

These reward programs are often viewed as discretionary spending and may be cut during leaner economic times - a factor that, among other things, can also lead to an employer not following through on the incentives they promised you. In some cases, a well-worded letter may be enough to encourage the company to follow through on their commitments to you. However, if that doesn't get the job done and you feel you were misled by management or misrepresentations were made to you about your rights under the incentive program, consulting with an experienced employment lawyer can help you understand your options and decide on the best course of action to secure the benefits and incentives you've more than earned through your hard work.

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